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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Stitch from Stash Feb

Ok Here are all my pictures, which has been over that past week actually
Your Name: Tammy
Link to Blog Post:
Amount Spend:*  00000$$$$$$
New Starts from Stash:   0
WIPs or UFOs worked on:    3
Month of Entry:   February
Amount carried over to march from jan and feb: $29.00
 I am really excited to see something showing up out of my tiger
 Stitch from stash - my bird not much on it this month but some
 stitch from stash - return of rio - more border done yahoo
 Stitch from stash - Garnet Fairy
Stitching completed just have beads left to stitch on, will be able to qualify for a finish for March yahoo.
My threads ran in three places ice baths for hrs for 1 day, got some out, hoping that the beads will cover up most of it. My hubby is upset I cannot enter it into the Stampede. But it is not stitched well enough and now that the threads ran there is no chance. Oh well definitely next year entering the tiger!!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sunday might not be too bad today

Well my stitching went really well since I found it to hard to concentrate on studying with a fever. Laying on the couch stitching was a better alternative.
I have finished all the stitchy bits on my garnet fairy so now she is happily getting washed before I attach all the beads (which will be another day). I used an over dyed fabric and do not usually wash them but I got pencil on the fabric so so is soaking for now, I'm she she will be great when she is all ironed and ready to go.
I have had a pretty stressful 4 days off, family and studies, sickness. Cross stitch did help me but my heart is broken up on some things that I had to deal with this weekend. Sometimes being a wife sucks!
Anyways no more sad stuff, going to study rinse my fairy and stitch on my tiger today and will have pictures tomorrow of all my updates and such yahoo.

Happy sunday

Thursday, February 19, 2015

first of 4 days off

Well my little boy is doing much better today and I sent him off to daycare to play with friends so I can study a bit in quiet (lol if husband leaves me alone)

So because I will be studying during the day, I will be stitching all night lol at least I won't feel guilty. Now I just have to figure out which one will prevail today to stitch on

Oh and its Hermit weekend go HERE to sign up


Thursday, February 12, 2015

sick children make your heart ache

my baby boy was sick all last night so I am staying home with him today hopefully we will both sleep. Of course I feel guilty and I was suppose to be off tomorrow. So I asked my boss if I could go in 10-2 tomorrow and make up some hours but then I am am working until next wed then have thurs-sun of so it will be a stitch-crochet-study fest yahoo.

I am going to study a bit today too and then work on my fairy some more , hmm maybe she will actuall be done by next weekend would that not be great.

I keep thinking about that dragonfly tile kit, I really hope to buy it soon....


Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Another great idea!!!

I  rod project so its tighter yourself. 
A girl From a Facebook group I belong too posted her fix. She used soother clips and ribbon. I thought this was brilliant and Karen said I could repost her pictures so here they are....

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