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Thursday, July 2, 2015


Did I ever mention that I hate newsletters?? The only reason I get them is to see the new stuff well duh!!

Wren 4 inch scissors available September they are going on my Christmas list for sure!!

yahoooooo Another one to add to my collection too I can't wait this one I hope by the looks of the cover will be more to my interest this year

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

For Little Baby Quinn! Happy Dance(s)

I Finished something actually a few things here is the first
This is JBW designs
French Country Elephant
78 by 95
stitched on potato 28 ct with DMC 93

I think it is sooo cute (as my son says)
Although one thing, in the alphabet provided she forgot the Q so I had a little help from Cross stitching and discuss group and was able to make it work yahoo.

Here is the other items I finished along with the birth announcement

May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Got some stitchy mail today

So Although my stitchy bug is gone my shopping bug is still here (well until the end of the month cause thats when the new strict budget begins and I will be just stash stitching for a while unless I need fabric or thread that will be my only presents for stitchy stuff or if its gifted.

So I received Wise Owl which I have wanted for over 6 months and the elephant is hopefully something I will start tonight on for my co-worker. and Willow Brook Pathways I could not say no to
along with this bag (click on bag for link/ comes in green too) that is currently on order for July.
That's it the last of my spending spree unfortunately.

I stopped too being in two of the monthly groups, it was too hard to keep of track of my stitch along plus the too other blogs stitch from stash and turtle. I might try again or look for something new to try. Maybe my stitchy bug will come back to me if I get the elephant done. It is so cute and so is my co-workers new baby!

I took my son to Calaway park which is an amusement park just outside of Calgary. Gotta say we had fun but nothing compared to Wonderland in Toronto. And very pricey!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Hello All

Well I have been sure neglecting my blog but its probably because I have been neglecting my stitching yes still. I think I have found out a reason why my stitchy bug has left me. 
I seem to have an issue with stitching by myself. My hubby used to keep me company while I stitched and we watched stupid movies I have seen 500 times. But I think I miss the company :(

My son will be graduating from 3 year preschool in a week and he is suppose to learn rainbow connection. He is doing pretty good. I have a clip of him singing rainbow connection the lovers the dreamers and me and it is so cute but it is on my iphone and I have no clue how to attach it here so you can here it.
I am hoping to get a video of him singing it instead at his graduation as long as there is no stage fright like at Christmas time :)
I have some things coming up in the next couple of months to look forward too and stress is a lot better now and things have been delt with that needed to be for life as we know it to continue. Although we still have a few issues to iron out we are now on a better path and I am hopful.
My new position in the pharmacy has a lot of kinks all I can say is that I am so glad my boss is on the same page as me! I think there would be more problems if not.
My co-worker gave birth to a baby boy yesterday so now I really have to finish his blanket and get my bum in gear!! I already told her I wanted baby snuggles when she feels up to having company. I did not stitch anything for her but was thinking about it but maybe at a later time as the blanket is the only thing I am thinking about now that I have to finish.
Well thanks for reading and supporting me in your comments hopefully there will be some more posts along the way and only 7 more till I hit a milestone yahoo!!


Friday, May 22, 2015

some things brighter

Thanks everyone!
Although I have received some great news in these past few week including me passing and getting licensed, my parents house selling finally and my husband finding a Dr finally we are struggling with the final thing which is finances. Hopefully though we will get the solved in the next couple of weeks but man does it ever effect a relationship and stress level eek. Day by Day right now and the stitchy bug has only come to me a couple times.

Although I did manage to find 1 bright spot. I was smart enough to start a savings account to put away money for my son and I to travel home the end of August. I think it will calm me down a bit too. Also was able to get concert tickets to Shania. I am not a big concert goer but figured it was a date night hubby and I need and we both love her. From this moment was our wedding song.

Anyways tonight I am stitching because I really would like to finish a piece for my dad before we head home hmm t-190 days
Moms going to make me paint and I am going to make her take me to Hobby Lobby and buy yarn lol

so will post what I accomplish tonight later on....

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