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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stitch from stash March 2015

I am embarrassed to report this but here goes

Month: MARCH  --MAR 25$ + 29$(carry over) = $54
Spent: $206.83 - $54 = -152.83 BUST

Earned: zero

I really wanted to get her done to add to my stash money but it would not have made a difference I am afraid. Went all out this month. I will tell you about the purchases below the picture.

this was from Traditional Stitches after the Nashville show. There are
alot of item not in the picture because they are mostly beads and overdyed threads
This is what came in from 123 stitch, the thread is for the headless horseman

I have also the fabric on its way for him and a gadget holder which I will post pictures of when it gets here. I have wanted it since I saw it so I bit the bullet.

I also have bought Dragonfly pattern from Chatalaine and the kit for it which my retroactive pay helped pay for.

Now I guess that exams are finished until I find out my results, I can get my stitch on!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

sat exam done!

OMG that was one of the worst exam ever!!! It sucks because you can't even tell how you did because each part is assessed and 4 out of 12 stations you are not marked on. Glad its over and 1 more to go tomorrow that is multiple choice so hope it will be a bit better for me. Can't wait to get my stitch on tomorrow!

May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Bit of Spring for the blog

Thought I would change it up a bit since Easter is next weekend and I was procrastinating studying lol. I have to post my stitch from stash by Friday, but I wrote an email to the admin cause I totally went over board and there is no making up for it this month :(. Hopfully I will hear something tomorrow from them to see if I go on th post Sunday night or crash and burn. I wanted to get Garnet Fairy done by Friday night but do not know if that will be possible since I still have about 50% of the beads to sew on. I have been doing a bit each night around my studying. Anyways speaking of procrastinating lol I'll post a couple things I have got in the mail in another post till then my books are calling (can't stress enough how I cannot wait until this is over Sunday at 1pm!!!!!!! )


Saturday, March 21, 2015

Bit the bullet

Now I really have to finish my Garnet fairy before Stitch from stash.
I bought the dragonfly pattern I have been wanting forever!!!
Now I have to decide what fabric to do it on. This will probably be my jan 1, 2016 start along with the headless horseman from Glendon Place

Hubby said he was going to buy me my thread/bead kit for the pattern so I think that does not count as my monthy but the pattern does. So if I finish Garnet I can add another 16$ to the 25$ and my remainder and it should cover the pattern since it was expensive!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

just surfing blogs

Love these needle holders too check it out

you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy

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