Monday, July 27, 2015


I made it I really did yahoo!!!!!  So this means that I can announce that I will be having a give away on my blog Birthday which is in October. It will be open to U.S. and Canada as I cannot afford shipping over seas sorry. There will be more information to come. Just trying to get together a really awesome prize package and so far lets just say a little collectors item is already in there that is used for cutting :)

Here is my 1 page finish for my Tiger Picture. 

Someone had posted this gum container on Facebook as an Ort container. I think its a good idea. Just trying to figure out what I can do to spiff it up? do you think Modge pogding paper maybe??

This is another Christmas gift I am going to try and get done. I don't know yet if it will be possible or not. I want to make it for my Dad. We used to do our family tree together a lot but now that I have moved away and have a family and work I don't get to spend much time on it. I know my dad prob misses the time we spent together and learning about our ancestors. So I hope he really likes this. There is a green version too 
I don't know which one I like better yet. I also think it is sitting at the post office but I can't get there until Wednesday to see what i am up against for myself.

I wanted to mention too about a lady that makes fobs and magnets for your stitching. I just think her stuff is really nice! I have bought a few things from her for a friend and am ordering a fob for my little gems that she is going to try and put to clasps on so I can attach them because they are soo tiny.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hi Everybody! Long post and stash

sidenote- if the person that emailed me to be added to the Stitching Blogs we all love to Read List reads my blog I accidentally deleted on my phone. Can you resend your info thanks and sorry.

Well here goes one more left until the big number post, if you had figured it out. That is what the countdown was for.
Well its been a busy couple days, weeks more like it. My Brother in-law, Mother in-law and niece were here for a week. My niece who is 16 has never seen the Rocky Mountains so they took her up to Banff for a couple days. I couldn't go with Nico cause we could not afford the extra hotel and gas for another vehicle. So I stayed home and cleaned closets and stitched. I am actually done 1 page of my tiger now but I am not going to post it yet because I would like to post it the same time as my stitchy start blog on the 27th.
Now that I am done the 1 page I am going to go back to the B&B and get some more done on it I think. I think I have finally figured out I cannot work on more then 3 projects at a time. So right now I am focusing just on tiger, B&B and my book.

I am going to Ontario to my parents at the end of August like I mentioned before. I am getting all the more excited since finding out the days leading up to leaving will be a real stressful time as we had 1 pharmacist quit, 1 transfer and an assistant quit. That means my boss will rely on me more for stuff. Which I don't really mind but it wares me out. I hope not to much that I stop stitching. Only time will tell.

So today I headed to Traditional Stitches to pick up my gentile arts limited bag. Oh man I love my bags but I REALLY love this one!! Its perfect as a grab and go bag, work bag and travel bag!!
I had a little bit extra money so picked up these too
Quilt till you wilt needle minder for my mom
beads and krenik for headless (new years start)
lizzie kate welcome tooth fairy chart (only 2 more yrs for son to start loosing teeth)
guide thread which I am going to try with tiger to see if it helps me from getting lost so easy
needles - john james petites of course
just cross stitch summer stitching (to read at work tomorrow)
fabby to stitch the jaws chart on for hubby (which is going to be my travel chart for Ontario)
and little gems that are suppose to be ok to bring on the airplane.

I don't really like the fingers holes on them but if son falls asleep (and I don't which is not typical) I will try to stitch or read a bit if there is no good movies available. Oh speaking of that I have to pack our earphones for the plane!

My parents also wanted some stuff for me to bring so I headed to Bass Pro for dad and the quilting store for my mom. picked up an awesome/cute panel of snowmans for her and something else. Hopefully I will remember to post it once she sees it.

Well I still have a lot of things on my to do list. 
1. Update blog
2. Update finished blog and others
3. Update finished photo album and get pictures developed
4. Organize the cross stitch files and photos on my computer.
5. Update Floss lists

Maybe if I am to tired to do this I can work on this list instead.
Snack time, night

Monday, July 13, 2015

yipeee welcome home stitchy bug!!

I am on a roll!! Should have page one of tiger done the end of this week yipeee. So glad I finally feel like doing something!!
Its awesome too my son is finally potty trained!!!!! I am sure we will have still an accident or two but I am soooo happy that the end is near for diapers. But I guess that means my little man is growing up!
Before we know it Halloween is going to be around the corner have you started or even stared on any Christmas gifts yet???
I am going to stitch this for hubby he loves JAWS
looks like it will be fun to stitch anyways. Maybe when I need a break from the tiger I will start this!
I love a lot of the designs on her website and already own three. The other one I want to do is the Harry Potter one.
Can't wait to get started!!!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015


trying to finish this carriage that is taking a lot of work!!
I want to stitch on my holidays but its not going that great! I won't
vent about it but its making me very angry especially since the bug is back

Thursday, July 2, 2015


Did I ever mention that I hate newsletters?? The only reason I get them is to see the new stuff well duh!!

Wren 4 inch scissors available September they are going on my Christmas list for sure!!

yahoooooo Another one to add to my collection too I can't wait this one I hope by the looks of the cover will be more to my interest this year

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