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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Cell post

Hi everyone, well lost the mojo. Finished the fairy and got sick and now nothing nada zip. I am hoping that the little stitching bug shows up soon or at the least by this weekend for hermit stitching.  I did get the rest of my stash in that I busted the bank with last month don't know how these will look from iPhone but here goes.
New tool holder just because
Material haunted by headless. Colour looks all wrong it actually looks like midnight blue not purple hmm I wonder why it does this to material.

Dragonfly tile lovely for my chatalaine

Sunday, April 5, 2015

nice things to see and learn

I am wasting the day away. I have been living on facebook groups all day yesterday and today while laying on the couch and trying to feel better.
I have seen some really neat stuff though I gotta say. One lady did a beautiful coin purse the sewing and the stitching is perfect. This is something I would really like to try one of these days. Just wish I had a twin that was a finisher.
Here is one of the pictures of it as there was a few it was stitched by Maria Demina on the group Cross stitching is my thing. You can see all the pictures in the group. I think Vonna at the twisted stitcher needs to make a tutorial for this one then I might actually be able to make one :)

The other thing I had read about was a pin stitch. Hmmm I still do not know if I like this idea or not.
It is used when you have single stitched where no other stitching is. I tend to do the loop method and weave a lot. This method is sorta like making a anchor then your cross then anchoring again at the end. I haven't tried it because I think you would see the anchored stitches and it would look more like a star instead. But that is just my guess. Here is a link on it 
I did watch a u-tube video on it. I find she does talk a bit so you might have to fast forward to the 7min mark. What do you do for these type of stitches? I am interested to hear from you.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Happy dance

She is done finally yahooo

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Stitch from stash March 2015

I am embarrassed to report this but here goes

Month: MARCH  --MAR 25$ + 29$(carry over) = $54
Spent: $206.83 - $54 = -152.83 BUST

Earned: zero

I really wanted to get her done to add to my stash money but it would not have made a difference I am afraid. Went all out this month. I will tell you about the purchases below the picture.

this was from Traditional Stitches after the Nashville show. There are
alot of item not in the picture because they are mostly beads and overdyed threads
This is what came in from 123 stitch, the thread is for the headless horseman

I have also the fabric on its way for him and a gadget holder which I will post pictures of when it gets here. I have wanted it since I saw it so I bit the bullet.

I also have bought Dragonfly pattern from Chatalaine and the kit for it which my retroactive pay helped pay for.

Now I guess that exams are finished until I find out my results, I can get my stitch on!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

sat exam done!

OMG that was one of the worst exam ever!!! It sucks because you can't even tell how you did because each part is assessed and 4 out of 12 stations you are not marked on. Glad its over and 1 more to go tomorrow that is multiple choice so hope it will be a bit better for me. Can't wait to get my stitch on tomorrow!

May you have no frogs at your stitching chair today.... Tammy

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