Saturday, October 31, 2015

some good news

hubby mom made it through surgery and they just remove the tumour not the whole breast so I take that as a good sign. I personally would have chose to have the whole thing removed but its her body. They are going to analyse tumour and figure out what continued therapy she might need. We will know in about two weeks.

My stitchy bug has not come back and I am going to stop feeling guilty about not stitching, I beat myself up every day now for not stitching. I honestly feel like selling 80% of my stash.

I have though started planning which is  a hobby all in it self OMG the money that you could spend just at etsy is unbelievable. It is helping me with thoughts and so I don't forget things that I remember at odd times of the day. I have to have a post it note close by so I can rewrite it.
This is a picture of this week just to show you.

and here is my cute
Love this picture from August! I should have his preschool pictures hopefully this or next week too
He always makes me smile 

Sunday, October 4, 2015


So some of you might have noticed I took down the banner for my give away. I just have not had the time or energy to continue putting together my prizes. I hope to do it in the future and I keep adding things as I go. I will re-post a banner when I am ready.

I had bought two lavender and lave angels from a girl on the swap group. And it turns out that after a month of not receiving the two charts and her not answering my messages I put in a dispute in paypal. Anyhow she gave my money back and I was able to repurchase them on e-bay. Cause they need to be added to my collection lol

My Mil got the biopsy back and it was positive for cancer. I still do not know what type other then breast cancer. She is scheduled for surgery in two weeks where they will open it up and see how bad or good it is then we will know more.
My husband has a sort of orientation on Wednesday for a job. He has been trying to get us government assistance for the last few months but nothing has worked. I am hopeful for him to get this job but a little birdy is telling me the same as always that he won't make it through. I hate feeling like this but its the reality of my feelings, I will know more on Wednesday I guess.

I am going to try to sit and stitch a bit as long as my son is calm and see how I do. I have a long work week coming up as now I get 40 hrs a week plus I have an overtime shift. If I get some stitching done tonight I will add a picture.

Thanks for listening and all of your comments. They do really help me!

Thursday, October 1, 2015


We get results today of biopsy just waiting for the phone call from mother in law.
Its been a hard week so I found this and thought i would post it

If book lovers ruled the world…

1. "Every rainy day would be Stay Home and Read a Book Day." (A J MacDonald Jr)

2. "We would measure life by chapters, not minutes. Example: I'll be there after a cup of coffee and two chapters." (Rebecca Brewster)

3. "There would be a library on every corner…In other words, a library inside every Starbucks." (Renee Bradshaw)

4. "We would get a free ebook version when buying a hardcover or paperback book." (Tammy Hennig)

5. "Reality television would be replaced by story hour(s), and the grammar police would be real." (Team Linda Gray)

6. "Libraries and public schools would be properly funded." (Darcy Marwick)

7. "Book release days would be national holidays!" (Melissa Fetterman)

8. "You'd get a book, not money, under your pillow from the Tooth Fairy." (CruzMissile)

9. "Book groups would replace political parties." (Book Discussion Scheme)

10. "There would be a book hour in addition to a lunch hour at work every day." (Cindy Bell)

Thursday, September 24, 2015

here little stitch bug

unfortunately stress and worry has gotten the best of me and I have lost my stitch bug again which even makes me more depressed :(

My Mother in law had to go for a biopsy they are 98% for sure it is breast cancer. We still have to wait another 6 days for results. She just turned 70 and has MS too so I do not know what the outcome will be. My husband was having a hard time with it as she is in Quebec and we are in Alberta. To find the money to fly him there is just not available and I do not know what we are going to do.

Budget is tight, thank God I sold some of my stash to by what I really wanted. Still need to sell a bit more to be able to get my new ginghers and finish off my travelling stitcher that Hattie and Bea is making for me.

Well The blog giveaway is coming up soon I hope we get a lot of participates


Wednesday, September 16, 2015


Ok I'm back from vacation still jet legged and stitchy bug was left in Ontario I think oops. Anyways here are some photos
 I cannot wait to start these ornaments now how can I get another week off hmmmmm
 I want to do this one eventually for Nicola

Love my new charts!!! I have fabric for the quaker one (no picture though oops)
 new bead containers all ready to go, glad I did the labels up in Ontario
 new bag that fits into my locker and new biscournu start from cloudfactory
 fabric came in for tree, don't know how I feel about it yet honestly
 my favorite package this week was my storage pocket for my tiger
 I think there is too much fabric for the q snap cover, I think it will be full of wrinkles I cannot put it in nicely hmmmm
pocket fits over it perfectly, love it!! An there is a matching needle holder too

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