Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day one with parents and good friend

Well my mom and my best friend from Sudbury hit the creative festival today. Well as soon as we found our way that is lol. We ended up at a train station that had no trains on the weekends and there fore decided to drive. I let my friend drive I am totally scared to drive downtown Toronto!!.

Once we finally got to the convention centre and 6 escalators later "we reached our destination" as Luca said (my GPS my mom and friend named).

I was a little disappointed...ok a lot. There were about 6 needlework places and only 2 of them were actually shops. The others plainly sucked (sorry) I wish we could have a market for stitchers (not shop owners) in TO. That would be FAB!! There is a store I am now int rested in hitting though and I did by a couple new patterns from them (will post later)

While we left my dad at home to do his thing When I came home I found out that he had done about 4 daddy-do things for me while I was gone. So I was happy! Then we went to home depot to pick up some new doors and headed to Kings Buffet for Din din.
Now I am very tired and I think he needs my help so talk to you all later!!



  1. I was going to go the the Creativ show as well but glad I didn't go now, I wish stitching in general was more popular in Canada, even our Michaels (only craft store) really has nothing. Thank god for the internet :)

  2. hope you are having fun with your friend and your parents,all while your Dad gets some work done...Hi Mom & Dad, and Friend too...Be always in stitches.

  3. Glad you were able to spend time with your mom and friend, how disappointing on the shops though. Nice surprise to come back to your dad doing a couple of the to do items. I love it when my dad helps out too. Your earlier post of your angel was beautiful, what a lovely project.


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