Friday, October 2, 2009

new truck, angel

The Last shift of the week...or is it? I have a Saturday shift tomorrow then its on to destroying my back splash in my kitchen to replace it in two weeks with tile. My Dh has bought a sportage so it will be in out driveway tomorrow (and I"ll be lucky if he lets me drive it!!)

Worked on the angel last night but I am not going to post a picture till I get the sash done. Then all I have left to do it the wings and the beads!! I'm going for the first weekend in October finish!! Then I can work on my other two projects while my parents keep me busy and start fresh with the moose in November!!

Still haven't received my JCS Christmas issue yet so I am running to the post office to see if its here, I don't honestly think it will be here till Monday or Tuesday cause it's coming from Calgary and she just shipped it this weekend!!

Thanks Jayne I wen to 123 Stitch and now I have added about 4 more patterns to my wish list!! I'm in trouble lol
If anybody would like to see the new candy from the Charles market go to the Traditional Stitches web page or the 123 Stitch Web page

Happy Stitching!


P.S. Sat at Midnight is the cutoff for my giveaway so if you haven't entered already do so soon!!


  1. Oh Tammy, I think I'm going to stay away from Traditional Stitches at least for a while! I purchased a few things and think that I better hide for a while! Hope that you get your Ornament issue soon. Isn't it a pain waiting for something?

  2. cant wait to see the angelic sportage. lol There is a difference between a wish list and an is list... at least I think...have a great weekend and be always in stitches

  3. Oh, there's been a lot of things from the Market that have caught me eye :o)

    To be honest, the JCS ornie issue, not so much :o(


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