Saturday, October 3, 2009


Did you all know that Lowes shopping carts are dangerous? The bottom tray end up right inline with the handle and of course me....ran right into it. now my calve is purple and there is a gigantic goose egg on it boo hoo.

Anyways here's another good giveaway..I don't want to post it because I want to win it!!! So if someone wins it or wants to share there that they already have let me know PLEASE!
Link -The Travelling Stitcher

Here's the Angel

I was thinking...yes smoke is coming out of my ears. I am going to make a list on my wish/trade blog--and change it up a bit too. I am going to make it my 2009 (what's left of it) want to complete list. Maybe seeing it will make it happen and keep my moJo up. They always say goals are good right? Who are They Anyhow?

New trucks in the yard (in the rain) and tile is ready and in the garage for my dad. Now tomorrow it's tearing the foam off the walls and putting up some curtain yeah!! I'll try and get before and after pictures if you guys are interested.

I'll post again at midnight when I draw the winners!!

Happy Stitching-GO HABS GO!


  1. Wow, you sure are making progress on your angel, she is

  2. Oh, she's stunning Tammy!

    I have been making goals since I started Blogging and I really think they help. I have fine tuned mine over the years and I think I found the perfect blend :o)


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