Sunday, October 11, 2009

Poll and Fustrations

I have a little decision making thought I would see what you all thought so please vote in the poll at the top of my blog Thanks! I completed this project a while ago and have picked up tow frames BUT I have been told when I brought to a framer that he would not frame it in the smaller frame. Now that is the one I really like and I hope maybe my friend Jayne might be able to teach me how to stretch it to fit one of these weekends we have free. Now my question is as you can see one fits perfect and one has room for a mat what would you do?? Picture one or Picture two?



So I guess I am not going to meet my deadline for the Angel this weekend. I have 99.9999
percent done but guess what!!!!!!
I found out I am missing a bead colour, don't know how that could have happened but oh well
now I just have to wait because all the shops are closed and then I work to much so hopefully a friend of mine can pick it up for me and I can finish her on Wednesday if not she will definitely be done on Saturday when I get back from the creative crafting festival!!

Happy Stitching and Happy Thanksgiving Canada!!



  1. Your angel looks so beautiful! I understand how frustrating that can be when you run out of one measly thing! It looks great now though and it will look amazing once completed! Have a great Thanksgiving and see you Wednesday!


  2. I like #1. Who cares what the "professional" thinks. You are the one that will look at it every day!

    It never fails when I'm kitting up, I'm missing at least one color of something! How frustrating to be that close to a finish but...

  3. I have to say number one too. Beautiful piece.

    That sucks! I'd be on a warpath if I was almost done a project and I was missing just one thing. Argh!

    Happy Thanksgiving too Tammy :)

  4. A good framer should know that what they might prefer is not always what the artist will choose!

  5. I like frame #1 with the bit of brown in it. I think it sets the piece of beautifully and the brown gives some balance to the blue.

  6. I like frame # 1 as well:) Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


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