Monday, October 5, 2009

Stitch, Stitch, Blog, Facebook, Stitch, Stitch

So I though maybe I should post something today.
I pulled off all the stinking foam backsplash off my kitchen on Sunday while my husband held the garbage bag(yes that what he did) while I did the hard stuff!
Anyways its done sanded and ready for when my dad comes to put up my new tile with me. I can't wait!

Still stitching on the angel. I am working on the light gray of her wings. There is a dark gray and of course the white which I am using B5200 instead.
I ordered some antique Ivory from ebay and won a mirabilla too. I want to do the halloween fairy that was in the Cross Stitch magazine. You can see it on my goals blog. I didn't realize how much kreinik and beads are on it and guess what with all my stash I do not have one colour it calls for how can that be??

Oh well maybe I'll finish the angel by the Thanksgiving Monday since Dh is working and I vow to be stitching all weekend in my basement with my cats and my T.V. Hopefully I won't get on the computer because then I'm done for (like tonight).

Congrats to the Winners of my give always - I will be shipping them tomorrow please let me know when you receive them. I was very interested to know where everyone is from 2 in the U.S. 1 right here in my backyard and one winner in Malaysia wow!

Happy Stitching (that's where I should go now)



  1. How come us women get all the hard parts when it comes to home improvements. Your tile is going to look fantastic when it's finished!

  2. Those tiles are going to look really nice Tammy! Can't wait to see more pictures :)

  3. way to go now that you have the hard part finished,,,you can stitch for 9 days, 8hrs, 46 min and a bizzillion seconds. The tiles look nice. be always in stitches


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