Sunday, December 20, 2009

5 sleeps to go!!

OK Sunday was super busy.....

--did grocery shopping for christmas eve and day
--baked cookies and muffins
--cleaned out some things in the kitchen
--wrapped all the rest of gift for eveyone
--shopping at futureshop with DH
--finished orniments
--had dh's co-worker over for a visit

ok I'm done....the picture of the Moose is the update from last night, haven't stitched tonight...YET. Plan on it though!
I am soo excited for Christmas and that a break is finally coming soon.
I worked with the gassy pharmacist on saturday again but it was really busy so the shift flew by fairly quickly thank God!
Now yes I am going to say it we just need some snow on Christmas...just that day no other lol. Well Now I have posted too which was on my list of to do's so good night and happy Christmas Stitching !!



  1. I can't imagine what else your DH needs at Future Shop. I still think a good trade off would be the retreat in The orni's look very nice. way to go. Have a good week and we will see you Wedstitchday? Hopefully...
    Be always in stitches

  2. Wow! You let Tammy stitch more than two days on the Moose and it will be done in no time at all.....nice ass....oh I mean moose.....

  3. a blue ray player of course lol anyways i'm the one that told him to buy it. I luv my movies lol especially in the winter!! didn't stitch THAT much, thought I would at least get one page done but no such luck oh well


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