Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Stitch Nite

Well I had a wonderful day today. I got a wonderful yearly review from my boss and a raise to boot plus it is Wednesday so off to Jayne's I went. I missed you T! I actually got so more done on the moose. I think now I am going to stitch on it more at home. I just can't keep putting it down and picking it up twice a week to keep my interest going and once I loose interest there is no coming back to it and it would be a waste of fabric time and thread. Anyhow I feel pretty darn good today one of my better days and glad that tomorrow means three shifts left then another break even if it is only for the Sunday. Last Saturday till the middle of January. I need the money but I also need a good break too! I can't wait to start on the HAED!!! I might be cursing it though I think in the end. Oh well it will be beautiful when I'm done.

8 days till Christmas that means 7 work days....

Happy Stitching!


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  1. I missed you too last night! I am glad that we can work on our two day projects any day. It is difficult for sure, to keep interest going when you can't do it when you can get to it! Congrats on the raise and great review! It is always a nice thing to get from your boss! Glad you have got more done on the moose as well! Enjoy your break from work and after tomorrow - off for 9 days! Yahoooooo!

    Happy Stitching to you too and see you soon!


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