Monday, January 25, 2010


Well here I go ..french test here I come oh I am soooo nervous about going! I want to do good but I'm afraid I am going to freeze and disappoint my hubby.
Its going to be a long day. Dr's work then test then I have to go fix a friend computer then home. I guess the only stitching I'm going to get done is on my break tomorrow.
Been reading the Patrick Swayze biography and loving it. Glad it was one of my Christmas wishes this year.


  1. Tammy, good luck on your French test - fingers crossed!

  2. Vous serez la bonne chance mais parfaite en tout cas. Soyez toujours dans les points.

  3. Bon Appetit is about as far as my french goes, besides english i failed french too....can you tell? Good luck Tammy! You do fine.

  4. I will stick to English! French was not my forte! Good luck! I am sure you will do tres well! lol

  5. Good luck! I'm sure you will do well!

  6. Ok, I want to know where Jayne learned to speak French, she didn't on the phone yesterday!!!!
    I will bring the list you asked for tomorrow or if I get a chane I will e-mail it tonight.
    Good luck with the french class!


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