Wednesday, February 24, 2010

15 Medals not bad, not bad at all!

Well the woman have it. All the colours in the medals Gold, Silver and Bronze. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!

Je t'aime l'ecole francaise ce soir. (no using babel fish Jayne lol)
But I missed stitching with the girls. I feel like I know a little more then the rest of the class (don't mean to sound selfish) but I seemed to fit in. There are 7 of us 3 girls and the rest guys. Our teacher is a man and is very nice but I don't know his name lol. Maybe I should find that out. He does not speak English in the class and some of the other students seem to be bothered by this but I actually agree that it is a good thing. He seems to have other ways of getting us to understand so it works and if we don't and someone else does they kinda whisper it to the other :)I have homework to do by next class but of course it helps to have a hubby that if I get stuck he can help me out.

Here is an update of my Olympic project so far.

Today I left at 10 am and got home at 11 pm so I might still stitch a bit but not for long.

Oh yeah for you readers that were wondering, we got the news today that my hubby did not get the job promotion in Montreal today. Can we just say that a few family members and friends might have been doing their little happy dances. As for me I was a little disappointed but I'll get over it. It just means I can have more stitch days at my house and hopefully a summer get together this year with my co-workers...we will see maybe I'll be prego buy then hint hint hubby!

I am not looking forward to missing that darn womans hockey game tomorrow they will be in my thoughts for sure.
Go Girls Go!!!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear your hubs did not get the job, Tammy. Did the Canadian men win the game tonight? I fell asleep.... We'll be watching the women, too. We'll be keeping our fingers crossed that you are indeed preggars by summer if that is your hearts desire, Tammy!

  2. We missed ya last night but I did pass on your news and all are happy your stitching around. Now about that baby thing...Do you realize what that will do for your organizational skills? Let's just say..You have fun with that one.
    We'll watch the game for you don't worry.
    Be always in stitches.
    ps,,ce n'est pas le poisson de Murmure confus bête c'est la traduction

  3. BonJour Tammy, sure missed you yesterday...seems like I haven't seen you in ages.....mais c'est la vie lol..

  4. Your piece is coming along nicely. Sorry to hear that DH didn't get the promotion but you sound like you are making the best out of it.

  5. We missed you last night but we know we will see you soon! Love the piece and I know it will look awesome when finished! Sorry to hear about DH not getting the job but I guess everything happens for a reason and I know we are glad you are staying!

    Happy Stitching and see you soon!


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