Saturday, February 6, 2010

Can you say HOT!!!!!!! Movie Review

OMG I thought Wentworth Miller was hot nothing compared to Channing Tatum! He has a awesome name too!!

Dear John is sooooo worth going to see at the theatre! A lot of people have different opinions of movies so to each your own but if you are looking for a beautiful love story, tied in with an OMG and heartache then this is the movie you wanna go see. Not to mention it got some tears too. It is definitely something I think a guy would like to because you see both sides of the story how it plays out and I like the fact that it was realistic not the kind of story that makes you say that couldn't happen or only in the movies.
see trailer here--official site for Dear John
Sorry for my run on sentences.
Hope you like my review and if you decide to go the movies on V day this might be the one to pick and snuggle up to your man with.

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  1. Oh, okay now I am super excited to see it!!! Thanks for the review!!


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