Friday, February 26, 2010

The Hamlin Brothers Belived Dreamed and WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RED.....WHITE.....&.....double ..GOLD!!!

Whoo Hooooo Charles!!! 500 meter short track

Brothers in Gold! Not only did they win they won on home Turf!!!! Yeah Canada!!

Bus Boys - Boys Are Back In Town .mp3

Found at bee mp3 search engine

And the curling Girls didn't do to shabby either bringing home Silver with the last rock thrown!! Whooo Hooo

20 Medals and at the very least two more to go!!!!

Now the Big Boys on Skates needs to finish off our Olympics with a bang on Sunday.They beat Slovakia 3-2 in a close finish. I hope that they whoopp USA's A**
(no offense to any readers)

I did get some stitching done tonight.........


  1. Tammy, Tammy, Tammy, now that's not a very neighborly response to my boys in red, white and blue! ;-) Aren't your guys heavily favored, anyway? It's going to be fun (maybe...)!

  2. You know, now that I know USA is guaranteed to tie Germany for most medals ever won in the Winter Olympics, I really don't care who wins. No, that's not true - I never care who wins hockey. :) Canada is making us proud down south - my girls are quick to ask "Are there any Canadians" if there are no US athletes in an event - then they root for "our neighbors".

    Thanks for the tip on the HAED blog, and thanks for the visit! I'll check it out.


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