Friday, April 23, 2010


Thats how much time is left till retreat comes !!!
I better get my but in gear.....I have my purple suitcase ready to go lets see so far on my list to bring is.....
--food for supper thurs nite
--snack for the girls on the weekend
--new pj's
--extension cord
--lap quilt
--camera and battery charger
--my white tv table aka stitching table
--changes of clothes
--bathing suit
--bathroom necessaries
is there anything I am forgetting??
yah don't exactly know yet what I am bringing but I am sure I will probably cart more them enough things with me and not have enough time to stitch on them all lol Does everybody else do that at retreat too or just me??

ok off to organise some of my stash..I bought index card and I am going to write threads and such I need for some projects and put them with the patterns so I know what I have and don't have. I think I am also going to condense some of my already lists that I have of what I got so they can fit to then I can carry them in my purse so that if I happen to be at a shop and buy a pattern I don't have to buy duplicates of beads or kreniks...gets expensive if you are always buying duplicate threads ect.

so that is the question of the day. When you go to the shop how do you know what you have or do not have.
-do you buy the pattern and then go home, then head back to the store?
-do you buy duplicates?
-do you carry a list(s)
-do you guess?

I'm off ttyl
happy stitching!


  1. I can't believe how soon the retreat will be here! I can't wait and I am sure that I will be bringing more stuff than I need but if I don't - I know I'll regret it! Hope things are going well with you and we will have to try to get together one weekend too!

    TTYL :)

  2. Lay-out your patterns and take pics and bring your camera shopping with you. Instant inventory. Pics of your fabric stash help too when shopping. A coupon type holder ( usualy found at the dollar store) can hold cards with thread wrapped on them. Now you know what you need or want. Have a great time at retreat. It looks like paradise.

  3. Have fun at the retreat. I carry a list with me. I find threads are the hardest to keep track of so a list is necessary.

  4. One thing I do that is kind of naughty is if I can't see what treads I need for a certain pattern I open the pattern up. I'm going to buy it anyways so I figure it doesn't hurt to open it. If I need a few threads buy them while I'm there, after checking my list to make sure I don't already have them

  5. I have been a follower of your other blog for a while but I don't think I asked to be added to the stitching blog list. I would like to be added.


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