Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't tell me I do not have the colour!!!!

(yesterdays stitching forgot to post)
well I have almost one birdie done...but....see that blank space between the grey and white...hmmmm that won't do. Checked the drawers of the cabinet, the kits, the wip's other weird places and 3024 was nowhere to be seen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So off I went to Micheals. Can I say temptations.....very bad store to go too for me because I like so much there. Well so I left with 3 skeins of floss, a nice magnetized box that will fit unwound thread nicely until I can get around to it, some floss bobbins hmm oh yeah and some permanent glue to fix my nice shoppers wallet I got from my boss.
French class has been going well, I have my last class for this section on the 12th of April then onto the next class for another 24 hrs of teaching.
My brother in law is coming to visit for Easter and I am sure that he will be testing me all weekend like he does on MSM.
A couple of girls and I are also hitting the Needle Gnome on Saturday guess what I have to buy floss lol not DMC though I need some over dyes for a wedding sampler ( I just hope I don't forget my pattern) so that is my goal on Saturday shopping with the girls.
My stitching blogs have reached over 700 now and thats without me putting on my French ones yeah I will prob add them to in a different spot on the blog.
Just wanna wish you guys a Happy Good Friday!!



  1. Have a nice day Saturday and Happy Easter.

  2. I just hate running out of thread. You just know that you can't get out of the store without buying something else! Hope you have a wonderful Easter.

  3. Love the birdie, have a Happy Easter!

  4. I have found that I sometimes "lose" a skein of floss. I have gotten to the point where I keep an inventory of what I do have. LOL!

    Je pense que je t'aime beaucoup votre piece de point de croix! Bonne chance dans votre classe de francais!!

  5. Sooooooo looking forward to Saturday!!!! Oh the things that will be purchased!

    See you then!


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