Saturday, April 10, 2010

Not again!!

Started the ornament I am doing for the sisters exchange and what do you know I run out of a bead!! glad you weren't around to here me let the f bombs go. I was actually excited to finish something this year. Oh well now I have to wait.
I did finish off a blackbird design I did in the fall so I will post that picture Sunday night along with out winners for the patterns this week.
Hubby and I watched Montreal loose to the leafs tonight and we watched some of the boring masters (I hope he doesn't get me to watch it tomorrow or I am going to disappear to the dollarama for a while lol.
My parents and friends were here for the night on Thursday. It was so nice seeing them!! We headed to Kings Buffet for supper and watched Survivor then everyone was exhausted and headed to bed. I laid in bed and watched some more episodes of true blood then fell asleep while my laptop was going. Mom decided to make the guys coffee in the morning and to say the least they did not like the chocolate mocha coffee I had got for the sisters lol. So I called into work and went in late so I could go get everyone Timmie's for breakfast. Talk about spoiled!!
Now my parents are somewhere in Cuba for the first time hopefully having a great time!
Anyhow nothing else really going on here other then that. Enjoying my weekend off because I work the next two Saturdays.
oh P.S. for all of you Ontarians please go into your local pharmacy and fill out a postcard to MC-GUILTY about that new pharmacy funding cut, it will end up hurting you as well because of course not all of the information is being devalged..please contact me if you have any questions we have 30 days to change his stupid thinking!! Thanks it could effect my job and a whole bunch of others too!


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  1. Hahahaha "Mc-Guilty" that's GREAT! What he's doing is ridiculous, and certainly deserves the name!


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