Friday, May 14, 2010

I am sooo spoiled....

yes I am still mommys girl and yes I still get care packages. I was really excited to head to the post office this morning before work to see if my moms box had arrived. Yes is it did, so I lugged it off to work to open it there. hmmm hope mom didn't put in any underware or pads like she usually does...nope all clean instead I found
-a beautiful new quilt my 7th from my mom
-a quilted bag that is so big the quilt fit, I luv it!
-my new pair of gingher scissors--Charlene-purple
-bracelets from cuba

I will post all the wonderful pictures sat night along with what I have done this week in my craft room. Happy to say I found everything I need to build what I what at home need to get some of the items from Michaels after all and cheaper.

See you all tomorrow!!



  1. Well, now I just have to see your goodies. I wish my mom would send me care packages!! But I doubt they'd have such wonderful things in them.


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