Monday, May 31, 2010

My Ramblings About Retreat

Well my Monday shift is over and school is done for the night (only 10 more classes to go). Now I am sitting here thinking about how to explain retreat the best way is to go to Jayne's blog and Martina's then come back to mine I think.

We stayed at Brentwood on the beach B&B in St. Josephs (Southern Ontario). For all of those living close to the border you should check them out!!

Anyways I started driving up to retreat on Thursday because I wanted to make a stop along the way. One I need to stop because the humm of the car puts me to sleep and two its because I wanted to stop at the Thread and Eye in London. I only wish that I had looked at the project I really wanted to complete on the weekend and pick up the thread that I ran out of and that nobody had at retreat. Yes it happened again!!!!!!

Anyhows I will update what I found at the shop tomorrow....ones a secret though since mom reads blog.

So I ended up getting there up at 2 p.m. I was the only one there since there was no-one from the sisters there till Friday and the 4 other girls from Forest had gone stitching oops I mean shopping in Bayfield (about 20min down the road).
So I grab a Herschners and Mary Maxim catalog and headed outside because it was soooo beautiful out. So I curled up in the lounge chair, listening to the waves and looking for new stitchy treasures. I ended up reading some of Geno Showalters new release and also ended up fast asleep in the sun. When I woke I actually felt a bit better since I was rested from driving for 2.5 hours. I headed inside to introduce myself to the other stitchers from Forest Ontario. Jody, Bonnie, Anita, and Tracy were all very friendly to me and I headed downstairs to eat my Timmys sandwich and stitch a bit. Jody came down and invited me upstairs to stitch and being my shy self I sat and listened to all of there story's and stitching tales. Then when I headed back downstairs the dreaded red button happened to haunt me.

Day two I could not wait for my friends to show up.......I set my alarm for breakfast and had the best bacon in 17 months (because of weight watchers). No I did not have just one I had 6....yes 6 pieces!! Yummy we also had eggs, fresh fruit, yogurt, keish, and potatoes as part of the morning meal.
The first of the girls arrived and I was happy to see that is was Jayne and my rommie Pennie. We were in the Country room. All the rooms are named. So after they were all settled we went out to sit in the screened in porch at the back of the house and wait for the others. While we were in there Jayne was ever soooooooo kind to Fix my P.J's my mom had sent me for retreat. They were too big and I was not going to be able to where them. So Jayne's got some floss and a needle and a while later my pants were my size yeah!!! Thanks again Jayne!!
After everyone was there and everyone was done catching up and introductions were made we headed off to a nice dinner with chicken and ice cream for dessert. Yummy the food was sooo good and not to rich either.
The girls were emailed to bring their scrapbooking papers to make their ort boxes and a few were very anxious to get on it lol. So after supper we all gathered downstairs so I could teach them how to make them....then I gave them their surprise I had made. I figured out a way to make fobs with shrink a dink yeah that's what I said. I also had a special stamp made that says stitching sisters on it. They all seemed to like them I was a little worried they wouldn't after all they weren't perfect.
Then we stitched, laughed and turned in for the night.
to be continued

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