Sunday, May 9, 2010

What a day.....still organising

well this was a beer carrier its not turned out to be just perfect to hold my crafting markers, scissors and paint brushes....very easy acces
well this is what I completed so far....put up shelves and a peg bored that only came with 4 peg don't understand that one haha. rearranged some of my awards and pictures and down at the bottom that you can sorta see happening ...getting things put into containers properly....still have a ways to go but I have the dresser emptied out and moved into the hall now and the furnace room shelves are almost all done. I think this is going to work. You know I was kind of dumb when I thought this all up I was just thinking how cool it would be to have a large desk and more storage but now I realize that I will have a place for my cutting mat for fabric plus my printer, plus my sewing machine plus the other stuff I will want to display. Gee I was very happy with the thought of sewing and cutting without moving the sewing machine back and forth COOL. I was soo happy with myself lol.

Was dealing with low blood pressure again all weekend....not to mention there will be BIG changes where I work and it might include me coming to work closer to home to work but we will see about that part and how what is going to happen works out in the near future.

I hope everyone had a wonderful mothers day...I have a few people I would like to wish a Happy Mothers Day also because they have been a big part of my life and advice giving...My Mother in law, Claudette my friends Karen, Erin and Sheliah.



  1. Lovely organizing! It looks very smart :) And flat surfaces for your sewing machine and cutting mats - all very good to have! I organized my finishing area this week too, just to get it under control and more usable!

  2. You're really coming along with the organizing. Those peg boards are a wonder to have. My FIL built me a table and I had the inside portion fitted with the peg boards - keeps everything at hand, but out of the way!

  3. What an inspirational blog you have!


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