Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bling and Tears

Dosen't it sucks when friends go home!!

I wish they could have stayed longer and it wouldn't have rained. We were going to go to Niagara Falls but ended u hitting a couple beads shops in Brantford and coming back to bead and watch movies.
Hubby made us a wonderful fondue and they ended up watching moving till 3:30 in the morning. I couldn't cause I needed to go to work in the morning and as you can tell I'm pretty tired in the picture. Also pretty sore. Monday night we took our neighbours husky's for a walk with us and I ended up tripping over one...well more like flying over one and hit my head/face on the pavement. Don't worry didn't leave any holes LOL. Though my whole left side is aching and I have scratches and a chipped tooth thats all the damage done, Boy did it make it hard to work today though.
My friend loves beading and made me two sets of earrings and a bracelet aren't they cool!! I only
took off one earring to show you....a touch of pink Swarovski.
These are what I learned to make



  1. Lovely gift and great beading you learned to do! Sorry about the fall - sounds painful. I hope you're all healed in no time.

  2. Ouch on tripping over the dog! I hope everything heals soon. And it sounds like you have a wonderful time with your friend. You received such a lovely gift and made some beautiful things as well!

  3. Oh my, glad you didn't hurt yourself too bad. Love the jewerly - and it's always great to hang with friends!

  4. Glad you are feeling better after your fall! I really love the new bling you learned how to make - another new hobby?

    Have a good weekend and Happy Stitching!


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