Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pictures.....of purchases and stitching...and gifts

my ornie for our exchange at Christmas....we were all suppose to have it completed by retreat...I really wonder who all completed because the ones I talked to had no clue what I was talking about :)

my 2nd trip to Bayfield with Freda these are what I found!! Aren`t they gorgess stroked three people off my Christmas list already...

Awesome needle holder ..souvenir that 4 of the girls
made together....it was a great surprise!!

the fob I made for all the girl

Thanks to Sharon for my wonderful Fob I love it
now I just need more for the 15 other pairs of scissors lol

This is the darn pattern I ran out of thread for....curses..
its called Summer Basket...

stash I aquired

Here is my updated Moose...I didn't realize how much of the tree I actually got done at retreat till now hmmm


  1. That moose is coming along nicely - looks awsome when it is finished. The fobs are pretty. I should start to stitch ornaments as well if I want to get them finished for this Christmas.

  2. Moose is looking great! Your WiP is wonderful - did you get more thread? All the retreat gifts are so sweet and your ornaments are lovely.

  3. Your moose is looking fab and wonderful bits and bobs from the retreat.

  4. The gifts are lovely Tammy en your moose is looking fantastic ! Great job !

  5. Great progress on the moose. That is such a daunting project - at least to me, but it's wonderful to see your progress on it. All the retreat gifts are wonderful and I just love your ornaments.

  6. One thing I have figured out with being a new blogger - pictures and looking at my stitching with fresh eyes sure shows progress when you don't think you're making any...love the retreat postings!

  7. Wow, your moose looks almost done. I am doing a pattern of deer, but that is a long forgotten UFO. Someday I'll pull it out again. Oh and congratulations, I see you are almost at 100 followers.
    Have a great day.

  8. Great shopping and stashing. Your WIPs are coming along wonderfully.


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