Sunday, June 20, 2010

What a Beautiful Day!!!

Last night snuggling with my babies....well two out of three.

This was my bright idea today... DH thought I was nuts lol. We had this poor huge shrub in a side rock garden that was WAY to small for it. I don't know what the previous owners were thinking but today I thought well instead of buying a lilac tree for the back lets move to bush then it will have all the room to grow and I can put something else thats smaller in its place, and it worked and looks great to boot in the back against the fence.

My husband and I cleaned our house, did touch ups, gardened and relaxed on the deck for a while all in anticipation of our friends showing up tonight from Calgary...but they ended up backing out. Lets see if they actually come now for Tuesday its the only other day DH and I have time to spend with them because of work and a wedding ect ect.
I am truly disappointed and am just hoping that I will have the chance to still see them even though it will be rushed.


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