Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lots of talking.....

I keep meaning to write about things and also trying to blog more but it ain't happening. So here are the things I wanted to blog about this past week....

The new release by Taylor Swift is out have you heard it and what do you think?? I have it on my I-pod already, her album is released in October and gotta say I'm looking forward to it.

a new release by Little House and its going onto my wish list. I want to make one for myself and my parents and maybe even grandma....can I quit my job PLEASE...

The new cover shot for the Christmas edition is out and though I haven't stitched any from the last one whatever store I see to get it in first it will be in my hands lol.

This pattern I finished a few weeks ago and gave it to my stitching sister to know how much she is appreciated for all the sewing and framing and all the other stuff she helps us with. She was very surprised. She got it framed the way she wanted too and I luv the frame!!!

I was able to get some stitches in on my parents secret project hopfully to be finished by tomorrow nite yeah. I just have the backstitch of the do and one word and one sentence then its all done.

I have moved up my vacation and am heading home the Labour day week. I will be hitting Arnies (does anybody live in the area??)  up for some frames on my was and my parents are meeting me. My hubby is staying home with the cats so this will be interesting doing the 6 hr drive by myself. I will have to stop often because I fall asleep easy but I am hoping I'll be to excited to be tired I guess we will see. I was bugging my mom and asked her if I could pick out the colour for my room lol I'm 32 and she lives 6 hrs away. But I guess home is always home and I can't wait to get there even though they will be putting me to work but oh well thats OK. I'll have a few days at camp and the rest at the new house and see my grandma and friends. OK I think I;m updated now, other then I start working with my new boss tomorrow so I hope all goes well.

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  1. Thank you sew much for the Stitch, and YES, I was sew surprised. I love it and it is right by the door at the Landing. Great news about getting to your parents sooner and hopefully Arnies will be a good stop.
    Be always in stitches.


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