Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Part of the reason I'm upset is that dear hubby is going through the I hate my job funk Again! This time applying for jobs but now he wants to really see what we can sell our beautiful house for and move on to Montreal. Boy have I gotten myself into a jamm....anyhow day by day I say to myself....maybe God will be on my side this round again. Not likely I think this is it he's miserable I'm miserable and something has to be done before we decide to start to make a family of our own.

The girls had me laughing till tears came out tonight. I just love funny camp/trailer story thanks Kerry!
It was sure nice to see the sister that we have missed so much over the last few months sprung from the hospital. It felt like the group was back.

Have a Happy Thursday..its my last shift working with my boss..he is moving up in the world. As of Monday I have a new one....we will see how that goes too...


  1. Chin up sweetheart, storm before the sunshine.............
    Your new boss could be a darlin, hubby could be at the turning point where his job aint that bad...........and we love you xxxxxxxx

  2. Oh I know how you feel...I've been in your shoes myself many times wiht my husband. When he's miserble at work, it makes my life miserable too! I hope something works out where you can both be happy - be it where you are now or Montreal.


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