Monday, August 2, 2010

stitching casket anyone???

Well my house is mine again..but it feels sooo empty now lol.
This is my last day off work and back tomorrow with inventory starting at the beginning of my shift yahooo (that was sarcastic)
I've stitched a lot the week so I am happy that I did accomplish some things even though they are not completed at least they are farther along then what they were the week before.
Thanks for all you ideas they were helpful now I just have to figure out which way I am going to do it.

I have another question though....what the heck is a stitching casket for??? Is it to bury your stitching with you, get buried in, just a show piece?
I don't understand and so morbid of a name.

Anyways better get back to my secrets Christmas stitching project....



  1. Stitching casket??? Never heard of it. I am now looking forward to knowing what your readers have to say about it.

  2. A stitching casket is a little box with all the sides and the top being stitched pieces. It's like a jewelry box - for trinkets etc. Sometimes the box is made of wood and other times the stitching is made into the box shape. Here's a link to a photo of a Quaker-design casket:
    and there's one on this page that is a stitched box:

    They are a lot of work so could hasten your own trip in a casket LOL.

  3. It's always difficult to go back to work no matter how much time you have off! I have had 3 and I am kicking up my feet in protest - LOL!

    Glad to see you found out what a stitching casket was! Sounds interesting!

    Happy Stitching and Happy back to work adjustment!

  4. I've just finished the cross stitching on a casket and will be, hopefully, making it up soon. You can see it at

  5. Well now I learned something! I'd never heard of it either.


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