Sunday, September 19, 2010

2 to Go

Whoohooo another stinking page done (even though it really was a half page) 2 pages to go then the moose will be done!! hopefully maybe even before the 1 year anniversary we will see. here's hoping. My blog anniversary is coming up soon so check back the first week of October for a give away....


  1. Congratulations on your progress!

  2. Keep on a stitchin'!... you're almost there :^)

  3. Woo Hoo!!

    My dad was looking through my "The Stitchery" catalog this afternoon and came across this design. Guess I will be stitching another monster for him in the not too near future. I showed him your progress and he inquired as to the size. He seems pleased with what it looks like in general, so that's really all that matters. Now, if only I could convince him to learn the craft, LOL!!

  4. You go girl bring the moose on wednesday.
    By the way remember when we couldn't figure out the french name for tea kettle? Well I finally remembered to ask my cousin in Quebec, it is bouilliore. Try that one out on Eric..............

  5. wow, that is gorgeous!!!! I love are getting close...keep up the great work!


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