Thursday, September 23, 2010

CSI was GOOOOOOOD tonight....

Man i am looking forward to stitching Alpine Seasons but not the cost of the specialty threads. Trying to find a cheaper place to by the silks tonight by surfing but didn't pan out with any results....damm I should have bought that 649 lottery ticket Wednesday night huh!

Well CSI was awesome tonight, The big Bang Theory to and I kinda like the new sitcom with William Shatner even though he is an A** as a person. Sorry in advance for anyone who like him.

Went to our weekly get together yesterday I was on a mission, I see the end coming sooner then later on the purple moose and I have the itch to stitch to get him completed. Also because I have two more projects....ok three waiting in the wings to start but they would have to be huge ones so I prob won't get anything stitched completely for a long while. Why do I have to work why can't I just play??

Anyways off to read my Kreasly Cole book once its done I'll be patiently waiting to read the next one guess i'll have to find another series to get myself addicted to in the mean time...if you have read any good paranormal romances that are good let me know. I have already read the Gena showalters, J.D. Ward, and the Kreasly Cole ones.


  1. Have you tried Vicki Clyton's silks? Her fibers are really nice and very reasonable. (from 1.65 a skein and up)

    Loved CSI last night. And Bones too. :) Great stitching tv.

  2. Hi Tammy,

    I sent you an email about where to get the called for silk threads for Alpine a bit cheaper!

  3. Make that, I tried to - the mail bounced back!! Email me at and I'll forward you the price list and contact info.


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