Sunday, September 26, 2010

They aren't stuffed

 last night stitching with the cats..hubby thought he would catch me....
this is what I did today .. spent all afternoon putting together a stand for this older massive
tv. I couldn't see the smaller one anymore so we moved the bookcase downstairs and this was the tv we had when we replaced it for the flat screen now I actually can read the guide on it now yeah! Had to call in reinforcements to carry it from the upstairs down to the main floor...Thanks Todd!!

Got more of the moose done today see side for the updated picture....Not looking forward to dealing with certain people at work hoping I am working some of my shift with my boss that would be the only good thing about it other then reading my ornament issue from cover to cover too.


  1. Very productive day, I would say! Your cats are very cute!!!

    That Moose is gonna be my next big project for my dad. He was flipping through my recent "The Stitchery" catalog and happened upon it. After turning the page he said "We really need a bigger house". LOL That was a subtle hint. He has been enjoying your progress as well (I shared this blog with him so he could decide if he really likes the Moose or not).

  2. We have one of those massive tv's too. My son-in-law is not a happy camper when we decide to change our rec room around. But lately we have been happy with the way things are. So needless to say he is very happy!
    The moose should be finished soon! Can't wait to see it finished!


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