Sunday, November 14, 2010

I think I like Sundays except for the Monday part....

 stretched and framed tonight
 fixed, stretched and framed
 had to restitch certain parts that the red ran don't ask...
 sending it to mom to quilt and fix the red border on this one that javax hit ahhhh...
 not a bad job on finishing my pillow only thing is the back fabric is the wrong side out but I do not have the patient to take out all the sewing and redo it right so oh well....
Peacock pin cushion stuffed and finished....

I finally got some of my to do's done but no I haven''t completed the sampler..kind of put it on the back burner since I know the stitching is going right on the 4th try now. I started also doing some ornaments and a Christmas card this weekend. Nice gloomy day so I stayed inside in my pj's. Cleaned my craft area and did all the finishing. I might have to ask my friend-ol-buddy maybe to sew my other pillow because obviously I am a failure at sewing even the simplest pillow duh. Other then that it was a pretty good weekend thank God because last week really sucked!!
We were suppose to hear about hubby's new job on Friday and there was no phone call I am hoping for good news tomorrow because I really don't want to know if its bad news or have to deal with hubby being down because of it.
Well I guess I'm off to bed to read some book that I can't get into but am forcing myself to read (because once I start I finish no matter what!)


  1. they all look great and i hope that there's some good news for your hubby today!!!

    Hugs Yvon.

  2. I do love the title of this post - I might have to pinch it one day.
    Fingers crossed for good news for hubby.
    Lots and lots of lovely finishes. (I've done the back to front fabric too - but I'm so anal that I had to fix it)

  3. WOW! You were a busy little girl. And you are the third person I know of that spent most of the day in their pj's - I was one of them! lol I hope you get that *positive* phone call today. Fingers crossed for you and your husband.

  4. That is one load of wonderful stuff! I love those framed pieces! And the 2000 years ago done up like that...perfect! And your pillow and pincushion! LOVELY! :)
    Thinking good thoughts for your DH job.

  5. What great finishes! And if the book doesn't get better soon, it's ok not to finish it - don't waste your time on something you really don't like. Best wishes to hubby (and you).

  6. I hope the news about the job is good and comes soon. Your projects look so great, I don't know how you get so much done. I just completed an ornament, making many mistakes along the way. I think my eyes are not what they used to be. I will be sharing it soon in a post, it was for an ornament exchange.


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