Thursday, November 4, 2010

just another thursday

Well last night I headed off to stitch night and didn't even get lost on my way do to the trusty GPS. I think it took me the long way but oh well I got there. I brought my Cirque to work on and will post a picture later since I am off to work shortly. I manage to get a sisters fabric on roller bars so she can try them out for her next project which I think will be started soon since she is on the home stretch of her wolves. yeah.
I found out yesterday that our store (where I work) is in the running for being the model store across Canada so I have to get our pharmacy perfect before corporate office comes in on Nov 24th. I am assuming that they will be wanting me to work more too...thats the sucky part and the fact that the 24th is a wedstitchday and I have to miss one.
I completed another granny last night when I got home then headed to bed, I think this cold totally wiped me out of energy. Anyhow today should be a fairly easy day then get to come home for tv night.
--have a good stitching day--

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