Thursday, December 30, 2010

big problem

Well last night I finished page one of cirque de circles by Ink circles but then had a funny idea that two more pages would not sit beside the first. Then unfortunately I was right. I held it together I didn't cry even though I wanted too. I made it home and sent off an email to the shop that was suppose to cut the fabric correctly (but of course they are not in till after the 3rd) Now I guess I'll work on a different project until I get new fabric and more silk and then the courage to start from scratch again.


  1. I can believe that's something very annoying. I had something like that, but with the quality of the fabric, to bad for me I couldn't return or anything, so I just picked another project.

    Good luck and courage to restart it

  2. What a disappointment! Try not to let it get you down. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way to check the stitch count of the chart, the arithmetic (dimensions given on chart), the stitch count of the fabric and the size of the fabric. I've found everyone one of those errors at some time or another.

    On the good side, I'm sure you have lots of projects to work on in the meantime.

  3. well, at least you can't blame those darn Chocolate Shooters... Not to worry Tammy, just make sure the cutter of the fabric knows it's 3" top/bottom/&/side, especially if you are putting a matt on the project. Some charts give the least possible amount of fabric so it is always a good rule to go with the stitch count and then figure it to whatever count of fabric you choose then go 3"tb&s.
    As always

  4. Aww , what rotten luck . Hope you do decide to start again .XXX

  5. I always experience such crippling anxiety when starting a new project. I learned long ago that I can't rely on the one who cuts the fabric, they make mistakes too. I hope you are able to start fresh with renewed stitchy energy!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Oh, so sorry!!!! I'm impressed that you are handling this so well, I would have been in tears for sure.

  7. Oh sorry!!!! Hope you are back on track realy soon!

    happy new year...

  8. How awful! Hope you won't let this stop you from restarting.


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