Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve...

Nothing like spending Christmas with Friends and Family!!!

I don't know if I already mentioned this but my Hubby's dad is here with us for Christmas. They can't even remember the last time they spent one together. Not good. So I fixed it and talked him into flying down yeah it worked!!
We celebrated Christmas the French Canadian way. When my hubby was young or if we were celebrating in his home town we would be going to Christmas Eve Mass at the Basilica of Saint Anne. Then they would go home and Santa had been to the house...
So open the gifts last night we did. We were so happy that two of our friends could join us also and make time is their busy Christmas schedule.  I have been very blessed to be a part of the Stitching sisters, and am so glad that I have grown closer to Jayne, Pennie and Trina. They are as are s all the girls--very generous, caring good listeners and very very with their whole heart NICE! Now I am going on and on but when you do not have many friends the ones you do have mean A LOT.
Anyways just had to sa that now on to the presents.....
zombie cross stitch anyone?

to make him smell nice (Todd Trinas hubby)

Pandora beads and new bracelet

todd trina eric

my new bling

erics shocking gift...he loved it sooooooo much

love this picture!!

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  1. We so loved being with you guys and with Eric's dad! It is so great to be able to get together with good friends and we can't wait for the next time!

    Merry Ho Ho and love the pic of us too!


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