Saturday, January 22, 2011

Cold Cold Saturday in PJ's

Well this is day 4 off now of 14. The Dr. took me off work for 2 weeks because of all the stuff that has been happening around here since October. I just cannot handle stress well and my job too which is very stressful. I don't feel any better or worse, wish I could sleep though. I seem to sleep better in the afternoon then at night.

Well the way I am stitching along though I should have page 4 completed of Cirque outlines this afternoon (after the nap). I am just finishing up my first spool of thread. Its lasted a pretty long time.

I hope that I will have to want to organize my threads today too. I am trying to put all the lists on cue cards so I can bring them with me when I go to a cross stitch still so I don't buy double. I hate when I do that. They are here there and everywhere so I am sure it will take a few hours to straighten them out properly or the way I want them.

I am almost ready to go for Alpine I have all but 3 threads - the glorianna petite. But am in no hurry because I want to finish at least two UFO's or goals on my list before I start that one because it will be a long haul.

Have a good stitching day!!

P.S. If you are on Cafe World (because I am addicted) email me your face book link and we can become neighbours!!


  1. There's something about running threads through your fingers that calms the soul.
    Hoping you are able to locate the PM sandman!

  2. Take care , hopefully the rest will do you good . Enjoy your stitching and sorting , and sleep when you can .X

  3. Slow down and enjoy your stitching, I have been off work for 7 months and would have gone mad, but I stitch for hours each day, very therapautic, I think I spelt that right. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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