Wednesday, January 12, 2011


RIP-- We lost a Toronto Police Captain today who got hit by a stolen snow plow. I pray that his family do not have too much grief and are able to make it though this bad situation!

 well I get to stay home today and stitch. Too much snow and because of my husbands back problems it will take us a while to dig ourselves out oh well life goes on. I would rather be home stitching then at work anyhow.
I think I will be missing stitching with the girls tonight!! I never miss unless I absolutely have too and road conditions just isnt worth risking going tonight.


  1. well I totally understand with the roads the way they are and I am sure there will be some of the girls from town who will miss also. I have been out 2 times now doing our driveway and what better exercise to get this butt in I stitch for an hour and shovel for 2.We will miss you tonight but better safe than sorry. oh Leroy liked the leftovers too. thanks from him.
    As always.

  2. Stay safe , and enjoy your snow/stitching day. X

  3. I had to cancel our stitching plans on Tuesday night for my group. We have decided to get together next week instead. Hope you enjoy your stitching and looking forward to a progress pic soon.

  4. Oh, that is terrible about that police officer. I didn't work today either because of the 18 inches of snow that got dropped on us (and it's still snowing), but I did get to do a LOT of stitching today :)


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