Sunday, January 2, 2011

three days off goes by fast....

Well it was me that screwed up Cirque I Admit it. It might be a good idea to have your fabric the right way before you start your pattern!
Friday was a pretty nice day went on a road trip to the LNS and bought a couple patterns and fabric and of course spent to much money as usual. Then headed across the street for some yummy pizza and nice eye candy too.
We had a nice New years eve spending time with my father in law. New years day was spent playing on my new blackberry and cleaning up a bit till about 3-ish. Then Trina and Todd came over. Trina and I watched walk the line and stitched and then the boys had made us Lobster tail and steak with some pretty awesome rice that my father in law made. Have you ever tried bacon in rice with mushrooms OMG its to die for!! Then us girls headed back downstairs to stitch the night away watching TV, another movie actually. Ir was a great night but man after my company left I crashed!
Today was a pretty good day too. Had to get up early to drive my FIL to the airport to catch his flight. That was kinda sad, I didn't want to see him leave, but back to work he goes. Maybe he will be back in the summer.
Funny he was looking through my cross stitch pictures (because I have a picture of each one of them in an album) and we got into a bet because he didn't believe me that in Forest Track (which is the one I stitched for him) that there is no cabin in the picture. Well when he got home he called and apologized said I was right...I thought it was funny. I have a short term memory but I sure do remember who has what cross stitch picture from me.
Anyways when I got home hubby had gone to work so I finally had the house to myself, its been about 3 plus months.
Now I can at least say all the house cleaning and Christmas stuff is down and put away for Saturdays Stitch get together.
Now on to cleaning and re-organizing the craft desk in the basement.

Oh by the way the project I was working on was Cirque I restarted it.....picture soon.

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  1. I did the same thing with the fabric for my Quaker Halloween, it's saveable but my framer is NOT going to be happy. I'm leaving her less than an inch on one side to work with. Thankfully she's a friend and unfortunately I've this to her before.


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