Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday 5 hrs to go....then off for three whooohooo

Man every-time I say don't forget to blog..I forget. Oh well life gets in the way sometimes and sometimes I just don't think my life is interesting enough that you readers will be interested. I wish sometimes I could write like Jayne can but oh well I'll keep trying.

This week seems to be going on forever. With my hubby not at home I have the house to myself and the three cats. I did not realize how much attention they all want at different times of the day without him here jeez. I want attention too!! ha ha

Work seems to be going a lot better since I lowered my hours, the last hour still drags and half kills me but at least its better then ruining my morning and night by working 11-7 which means I'm gone from 10-8. Anyways its going OK.

Today I am suppose to have a delivery brought from Leons (furniture store). At Christmas time my hubby went and got my rocker chair I wanted for the basement and if its comfortable enough it might turn into my cross stitching place ha ha. I just hope they call before 1 pm because I have to leave at 2 pm for work. Crossing my fingers.

I haven't been stitching this week at all and even skipped our weekly stitching. Just did not feel up to stitching. Not like me but then again haven't felt like myself in a while.
Did you know that dentist will not see you if you are in your first trimester (WHICH I'M NOT). But I did have to wait to know for sure before I get to go have my aching mouth fixed finally. I knew about x-rays but I wonder why they can't do the freezing and stuff or is it because of the stress!!

I am almost to another ten grannies, I have been working on those so almost at 60 yeah.

OK I think I did enough rambling for today, tomorrow going to get my walls ready for more shelves on Sunday for my craft room and clean up so I have Sunday and Monday to stitch if my mojos back...Happy Weekend!!

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  1. Your granny squares are looking great! Hope you rocker arrives in time and your dentist can do something for you soon!


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