Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Its a Blizzard out there....

I hope everyone is tucked in and ready...the snow and the wind has began. The U.S. has already been hit I hope everyone is safe and stitching. You know its bad when they cancel the trash pick-up!! Thank God I am not working tomorrow!!! We are under Blizzard warning its our first since 1993.

Well I have decided to return to work at 6 hour shifts maybe the cut in hours will help my stress levels...we will see....

I finished 3 granny squares today and since I had a 4 hour nap I will be stitching late into the night...its a good night to do it since I don't have to go anywhere tomorrow.

I have also worked on my Cirque yesterday maybe I'll post again a picture tomorrow we will see how lazy I am or how much shovelling I will have to do...


  1. I hope the storm didn't hit you too hard. Here on Long Island we got ice this time but they are saying snow for Saturday. I am so tired of snow. Can't wait for spring.


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