Sunday, February 27, 2011

well back to work I go

dee dum dee dum dee dum....can I whine now. With my hubby at home I even got him to watch some of the oscars with me which is really rare. It was nice to spend time together though before he went and fell asleep lol. Anyways finished the travelling stitcher man did I use diffrent shades of colours but I really like how it came out. I am going to stitch the pin keep tomorrow nite and hopefully finish that to then I will post a picture.

I have been watching all the postings about the nashville needlework show and I am actually so jeleous. It seems like a lot of my stitchy bloggers have had a wonderful time shopping there and at thier favorite LNS. Hopefully I might be able to do that soon but I guess bills come first.

I really have my eye on the new blackbird book and some of the new patterns they are gorgess oh yah and the new dragonfly I think its from sweetheart tree. That will be heading to my wish list. I haven't updated it recentlly I better get on that this week sometime maybe also wanted to add some more recepies on my 4 star blog too oh how I wish I was off for another week or so just to play and stitch!

Have a Happy Monday Everyone, I'm off to read for a while (a book that is not blogs lol)

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