Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy 2 Birthdays....

Well a Happy day hopefully was had by our sister stitcher on her birthday in England with her aunt. Our other sisters b-day tomorrow hope she has a great day and maybe even two.

I ended up getting a wii on Friday night. after playing for three days I am pretty sore arm, tummy ect. I guess I will be getting exercise after all with this machine. I love the ping pong and the just dance 2 game!!! so much fun!!!

I didn't have a very good Monday as I thought would happen unfortunately. I am glad to have some allies at work but sometimes I wish that I could be me in the pharmacy and not some made up person that everyone wants me to be....might be time to look for a new job or maybe I'll have news in 3 months if I am lucky and then I can look forward to mat leave then maybe I won't go back!! Have any of you ever heard of loosing your rebella or German measles immunity before?? I guess I have lost mine, did I maintain I hate needles and all these fertility testing is making me feel like a pin cushion and black and blue because I go everyday and flinch too so it causes the bruising damm what you do to have a kid I tell yah.

I stitched a bit on the dads owls, still not feeling like stitching much guess its time to go to bed instead...hope Tues is better then today was if it is not I`ll look forward to Wed with a pharmacist I like a short shift and stitching at Pennies yeah

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  1. OH Tammy .. I hope things work, I know its easy for me to say this, but please don't get stressed about it all .. you have a better chance being chilled ok :) love mouse xxxxx


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