Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring is in the Air in Hamilton today..

The snow is almost gone here what about by you??

Well don't know if I am going to start a tornado at work or let the storm blow through we will see what the days to come was a quick and happy shift.
I thought I needed a treat and something calming so I took myself down the plaza by work and had my french manicure done. My nails are soo dry and were just not loooking nice now they are beutiful and I got a shelac done instead of the reg nail polish which I found out lasts for about three weeks which I can totally afford...i think.

It was stitch nite tonight. I was invited for supper at TNT and had yummy jambalaya and then we headed for dairy queen for a cone for dessert and then to timmies to pick up our hot drink for the nite. (thanks Trina)

We had stitch nite at Pennies tonight with Jayne still recovering from her stay and the local hop-e-tal (french pronunciation). I hope that I will be able to see her this week. We had a pretty good nite and I even stitched AGAIN which is different hahaha. Maybe I'm getting my mojo back again---maybe.

My hubby is off again to his dad leaving me to lay down the law with the three fur balls and work. I hope I can find some days to play too! I haven't touched the wii since Sunday actually playing I spent some time trying to get my dad and I set up but it seems we cannot see each other in the wii parade so I think I have to look up some tutorial because I tell yah the manual sucks for teaching. Anyways I better look that up because its almost time for reading time and snuggling into the blankets...Happy Stitching

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  1. Hello Tammy, love your blogs and heard that you can link my blog to the stitchingblogswealluvtoread. I'm a Dutch designer, teacher and shopowner. My blog is:
    Tomorrow and saterday Italian designer Nicoletta of Niky's creations will be teaching in our shop.
    Thanks, Liezbeth Gottschall


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