Saturday, April 16, 2011

we have lights yeah

Happy Birthday to my Sister-In Law hope you have a wonderful day!!

Well last night was a total bust. got off work at 8 went and bought Harry Potter and headed home fully intending to stitch. Well I was in for a surprise I guess a transformer blew ...I just thought I had my batt operated ott lite duh....anyways candles were lit husband got bored house got cold so we went and snuggled pretty early under the covers. Oh yah and our dumb smoke detector kept sounding like a cricket that was slowly dying because its hooked into the electrical system. It was was to early for me to fall asleep so I ended up reading until 2 hrs later the power came on. Then I didn't want to get back up lol. So a stitching I will go today and watch Harry and maybe a few others while my hubby watches the playoffs. There is an end in sight to the end of hockey season yeah!!!


  1. the end they say is that last weekend of May and at that point, oh well,,,,
    Have a bright day

  2. Don;t knock the length of hockey season - just look at it as lots-of-stitching season! I'm already suffering withdrawal symptoms, lol.


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