Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day!!

I keep saying I am going to write more and it never happens! I noticed there are a new pair of ginghers coming out in September. Since I am going home for my shower at the end of September I am hoping to snare a pair and another ott lite too from Jo-anns while I'm there because my parents live on the international border.

Well lets see what I missed blogging...
1) Bruins won the Stanley cup and deserved to win as far as I'm concerned.
2) Vancouver riots made me very sad and disappointed/embarrassed that is not how Canadians act!
3) Headaches have been a pain in my a** this week especially since Tylenol doesn't work much on them.
4) got some more boxes unpacked and stuff moved around in babies room I hope it will be all cleaned out in a couple weeks to the storage unit...its driving me batty. I can't even put the bed in storage yet because I just found out the Erics whole family will be coming in August so I'll have 6 French family members staying in the house plus me and baby, while I WORK, this is not going to be good I am just foreseeing it!!
5)on thursday we went to the midwife and I was a basket case all was well though after I heard the heartbeat and the baby actually kicked me too and we heard it on the Doppler lol. I get to find out the gender maybe on Thursday unltrasound BUT for all of you back at home that read this be prepared we are not telling you till  we get home lol you will have to wait longer for the end of July.


  1. ohhh dear .. re the guests ... don't over do the moving of stuff make sure some one else lifts the heavy stuff ok and isn't it wonderful when you hear the heart beat and feel the kicking :) love mouse xxxx

  2. "if you build it... they will come"
    that's what I have to say about
    "this is not going to be good I am just foreseeing it!!"
    just saying,,,

  3. Glad everything is going well. And I hope the visit goes well. Having that many people will be hard, I think. Hope your headaches are better soon!


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