Sunday, July 10, 2011

Not a Saturday I want to repeat!!

Well yesterday did not work out like I had planned.
I got up ate and started baking the cake for Jayne's bash, my husband came and told me to go outside because there were cop cars and my neighbor was out there. Which I actually didn't think strange because at one time there was a bad guy in our neighborhood and cops stopping and asking people questions was regular.
Anyhow so I trotted off in my pj's outside when I notice that most of her family was there too.....something wasn't right!
So I am sad to say that her husband Jim has passed away in his sleep sometime in the night. It was a very hard thing to grasp since he is my husbands age and we were pretty good friends with him too.
I took Michelle's 2 husky's to my backyard because ours is fenced in so they wouldn't be in the way with everything that was going on.
My husband was devastated never seen him like the way he was yesterday.....Michelle's came over to talk to us a few times and got some much needed hugs. We watch her dogs until the evening after she went to her families for rest and a friend came and picked up the dogs to take care of them until she could.

Tragities sure put life into perspective some time

RIP with the angels Jim and watch over Michelle


  1. Oh, how awful. I'm so sorry to hear it. Will say a prayer for all of you.

  2. So sorry to read of your loss. Hugs.

  3. Sorry to hear of your neighbour's loss, its just further proof that life IS short and we should live/enjoy every moment of it!

  4. Sorry to read of your neighbour's loss.


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