Sunday, August 21, 2011

How to find - or try to find - lost needle case....

Well my needle case with all of my stitching needles has gone missing. My female cat loved to bring it upstairs she thought it was a play toy and now all of a sudden it has now gone missing.
So this afternoon decided to tare apart my craft room....looked in all my bags (which are alot), threw my boxes of projects which would be the right place to have found it, on shelves behind couch under bookcases tables ect. NO LUCK. Thanks to Trina I now am the owner of 1 pack of petite John James. It is also with bad timing since our local LNS has closed its doors. So I think maybe a road trip is in my future to Gitta's so I can restock my needles. Speaking of them I have to send off an e-mail I ordered a table runner months ago and still haven't been called about it hmmmm. They are not quick when it comes to orders!
I can smell my Chicken and dumpling stew upstairs mmmm its going to be a good one this time--even though it has carrots (I do not eat cooked carrots yuck) anyways Kathy I never even thought I might want a light in the baby's room to stitch-- I have a couple portable ott lights so I could always bring one of those up with me. In the daytime that room gets awesome light to stitch by.
well at least now my craft room is clean except putting all my floss from projects away which usually takes me forever and is not my favorite job.....oh well maybe I'll do some tonight..


  1. Bad kitty!!! Luckily for me, when Yes Dear thinks something is a toy, she always brings it to the same place: on my bed. She brings it in and drops it with the expectation that I'll play fetch with her. So if something disappears, I know where to look for it. I hope you find your needles soon. If your interested, there is a blog/shop called Anita's Little Stitches that sells the John James petits in bulk. You can buy fifty needles for only nine fifty, which is a great price. There is a minimum order of twenty five dollars, but she has all sorts of charts, threads, and scissors too. Or, if you want to go to Gitta's, you have fun!!

  2. Love your baby count down! Good luck finding your needle case! Luckily my fuzzy friends only steal floss.


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