Saturday, September 3, 2011

Long weekend day 1

It was so nice having the day off today...until I saw the grocery store flyer and ended up having craving so off I went grocery shopping for a couple hrs.
Then I decided to maybe do something on my to do list so I got the piece that Jayne was so kind to stitch for me stretched and framed.

Now it has it place right above my scissors yeah!
Then I started browsing blogs for a while and changing mine around a bit.
I ended up putting in a stash order for me and Trina last night at the silver needle and decided this morning that I would like to do the Reed stocking from Shepherd's Bush for my baby's 1st Christmas. So I e=mailed them back and asked them to add the fabric for me to the box. I have always wanted to do one of the stockings so now I just hopefully have to complete it before Christmas haha that will be a huge undertaking me thinks.
I had to share this picture that my hubby thought was funny....
I had my one cat asleep between my legs and the other purring the baby...he is laying to the side of my belly don't worry. Man it was still uncomfortable though because I couldn't really move lol.
So now just enjoying spending time with hubby and watching night at the museum and going to try and finish up my managers wedding sampler that is late.....


  1. The blog changes look really nice. And the scissors stitching hanging with your actual scissors - what a great idea! I look forward to seeing your new stash and updates on the stocking stitching.

  2. I like your new blog look. The blue is lovely. Grats on getting something done on your to do list. Mine is a mile long and growing, lol. Hope you enjoy the rest of your long weekend, and I love the piccy with the cats. Mine wouldn't lay on me at that stage with my son cause they kept getting kicked.

  3. oooo well done on the getting something done and stash shopping is a must :) love the photo with your furbabies too :) and the scissors look good with the piece above it as well :) love mouse xxxxx

  4. Wow! You have so many pairs of scissors - you new framed stitchery looks perfect there.

  5. Your finish looks good and just looked all those scissors!!

    Cute pic of you and the kitties!


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