Sunday, September 4, 2011

Long Weekend Day 2

Well I stayed up late last night to finally finish this piece. It was suppose to be done in June but oh well. It turned out pretty nice. There was suppose to be doves at the top but I omitted them. Didn't go with the color scheme. Then I had first done the names in kreinik but they did not show up, so last night I went back and added some grey over it and it popped more.

Hoping to get one other thing done on my to do list that I have been putting off and that is putting all  my floss away for older projects I don't like doing it but I also don't like not being able to find my floss!!


  1. Hi from Mexico, my name Shio and want added to the list on your blog "Stitching blogs we luv to Read" to know and meet others stitchers.I love cats too ^^
    I see this blog a your sweet waiting for nicola so nice
    and your stitch works


  2. It's beautiful! I like the additional gray, it's very nice. :)

  3. It's lovely. Grats on the finish!!


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