Sunday, October 9, 2011

What are friends

Anybody have ideas how to cheer my mom up from 6 hours away. She is just not having a nice weekend at all!!
You know with me being 33 I really do understand how hard it is to find good friends that you can relay on and really say they will be in your life.
What I don't understand is how in one summer someone can switch there attitude and basically turn around to others that as far as my opinion is concerned they are far worse influences with no good reason. There was not a fight as far as I know. My mom and Dad had always helped them out when they needed it no questions asked. I know myself and my husband had high respect for this person but now our opinion has drastically changed. We have never seen someone do this and now will not be expecting much. Expecting is the wrong word but can't think of another one right now.
I am not saying my mom is an angel she is like me (just better) and says what she thinks and sometimes we are hurtful that way. But I have always said if I ever say anything come to me and confront me.
I just hope that my mom will go on as she does and enjoys the friends that really treat her as a friend!

This being Thanksgiving -- I can truly say I am Thank-ful for ALL 17 of  my Stitching Sisters and the few friends that I do have that mean the world to me! Sheliah, Erin, Christina, Kristen, Barb, Karen.

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