Saturday, January 28, 2012

stitching, reading

I actually got a fair amount of stitching done today on my cirque. I will prob update the picture tomorrow night after our company leaves. Seems like my hubby didn't get sick after all just a sore throat for a day and a half and thats it. Wish I was lucky like that!
I finished reading Mockingjay today. Has anyone read the Hunger Game series? I read all three books I found the 2nd one to be the best one of them all. The third one had a hard time keeping my interest and it seemed like in the last couple of chapters there was a rush to end it or something, do you agree? I am looking forward to see the movie though if I have the chance to that is. I think my movies are limited right now until babe gets a bit bigger so we can leave him with grandpa to watch.
The wind is sure blowing around here and  I'm sure we will wake up to more snow on the ground tomorrow.

Happy Sunday Stitching!

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