Monday, January 23, 2012

Update from Hermit weekend...


I only got about 3 hours of stitching in with the baby but I completed a circle so I'm glad!

I would have had time to stitch last night but we had our staff Christmas party. It was a blast! My boss gave out two blackberry playbooks and 2 Ipod touches as prizes. All I could say was wow and the playbook would have come in handy in the middle of the night. Oh well maybe one day I'll afford one. Here is a picture of my boss, Nicola and me.


  1. Hi

    Lovely project!

    Lovely pic too. Your daughter is very sweet!

  2. Hi Tammy. Great progress on CDC. Love the picture with your boss and baby. :D

  3. now there you go,,, I knew you had it in you. Keep it on girl keep it on.
    Be always in stitches.

  4. Hi Tammy, thank you for stopping by at my blog. I see we share the love for cross stitch, crochet and cats!!
    Great progress for IHSW I don't know if I'd be able to stitch at all with such a little beauty like your son to look after.

  5. oooo you got a wee bit more done than I did in three hours are you sure you want to puppy sit ... love the photo of you and the boss and Nicola :)

  6. Good progress!!
    Your baby girl is adorable =)

  7. Hi Tammy

    I'm so sorry I was looking at the ticker at the top.
    Your son is very sweet.

  8. Beautiful stitching!! I love this pattern!!

  9. Hello! I also have a baby (he's 7 months now) and it's not easy to find the time to stitch since he was born :) But i mamanged to do some stitches this hermit weekend :)
    Your work looks beautiful....congrats! And all the best to you and your baby:)

  10. Your Cirque is coming along beautifully Tammy.

    Lovely photo of you, your boss and Nicola. She is so sweet.


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