Wednesday, February 15, 2012


k I am totally addicted to Sims Social on facebook and it sucks! I love playing the game but it soaks up all the spare min I have when I have them free. I should be using them to stitch. My hubby is back from Quebec and it seems that things are different. I guess I got used to doing everything myself and taking care of the baby. I leave Sunday for the Soo (Sault Ste. Marie) I can't wait but I am scared of what the baby might do on the plane. oh well guess I'll have to take that leap anyhow. Tomorrow will hopefully be the day I can get my cross stitch ready to go home and pack up a few ornie kits too (just in case, never know maybe mom will take over all the snuggling and playing and I can have some good stitching time.)
Well I better be off to bed even though I am wide awake, I'll just dream about having a stitching store again maybe


  1. I know well how that is, Tammy. I also have a game addiction. Mine is called Two Moons, and I play for several hours a day, almost every day. It's fun, it allows me to socialize with some of my gamer friends, and it helps me with some of my issues, like focus and concentration. But I still get some stitchy time too. I hope you can work out a nice balance!!

  2. Hi

    I'm addicted to card games on my laptop!

    Hope you have a good plane journey with your baby and that you can find some good stitchy time.

  3. I have to say I don't play any games on my PC. My addiction is browsing blogs for hours a day. Can't get much stitching done that way!
    Safe travels.

  4. All my computer time is spent reading blogs!!
    Just found your blog via your email, for some reason I can't see you on my list of followers, I have two Tammys but neither have the cute baby picture in their profile!
    Glad I've found you now xx

  5. I use to play the games on facebook also but decided that I would rather read blogs and stitch so I stopped playing them. Hope you have fun flying home and spending time with your mom.
    Happy Stitching


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