Monday, March 5, 2012


After two days of no stitching I was able to finish the poem and start a bit in the flowers. I think once the flowers are done I am going to do the back stitch before heading to start the butterfly and leaves.
Baby started the teething bit now so we have been learning how to make him feel better.


  1. Hello

    I've become your newest follower!

    That poem is beautiful and I'm looking forward to seeing the flowers grow.

    Hope your baby is ok with his teething.

  2. That's a beautiful poem. You've made good progress on this.

    By the way, the 6 Fat Man SAL will start 9 April if you're still interested :)


  3. Tammy, this looks beautiful! :D

  4. The poem is beautiful.

    For teething I recommend teething granules. You can get them from the homeopathic bit of the chemists. Basically a little sachet of camomile granules which you tip into their open mouth (because they're yelling with pain!). The camomile helps them sleep too.
    Calgel is supposed to be good but I had huge problems getting the gel actually onto the gums! I don't like dosing kids with medication unless it's absolutely necessary.
    If she's really fractious then feed little and often to soothe her.


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